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Slut Machine

Well then hook me up and throw me, baby cakes, 'cause I like to get hooked

Kitty Glitter

Kitty Glitter.
She is the queen of the faux disco scene.



30 rock, alphabeat, alphabet magnets, americas next top model, audrey hepburn, backstreet boys, bass, bauhaus, black and pink, black and red, blur, breakfast at tiffany's, caffeine, caramel macchiatos, cary grant, casablanca, cat shirts, chick lit, chris cain, coffee, concerts, criminal minds, cupcakes, damon albarn, dancing cats, david bowie, deadwood, depeche mode, desperate housewives, divas, drabbles, echo & the bunnymen, espresso, esthero, francesa lia block, franz ferdinand, friends, funny goth clubs, girls aloud, glitter, goldfrapp, gorillaz, hearts, heels, interpol, italian cuisine, japan, jenny lewis, johnny marr, kajagoogoo, kangaroos, karaoke, karen o, keith murray, kitties, lace, lady gaga, ladyhawke, ladytron, lattes, little dragon, long island iced tea, m ward, mac, mac lipstick, mad men, madonna, mean girls, metric, morbid books, morrissey, music, musicals, musicians, new girl, new york city, nine inch nails, paris, peter murphy, political science, pomegranates, prince, pulp fiction, puppies, raccoons, rilo kiley, robert smith, sequins, setlists, sex and the city, she & him, she wants revenge, siouxsie sioux, skinny bitch, smooth operators, sparkles, stars, synth, tacky and timeless, tea, that 70's show, the bravery, the cure, the faint, the presets, the rapture, the smiths, thom yorke, tokyo tea, tortillas, tourettes guy, trent reznor, truman capote, tyraisms, unicorns, venice, vince clark, wallabies, wang chung, we are scientists, weeds, will and grace, writing songs, yeah yeah yeahs, zooey deschanel